It's Fashion: Looks to Work in Office

Looks to Work in Office

Looks to Work in Office

Looks to Work in Office: Who wants a gorgeous look to work in the office raises the hand! We brought two incredible looks, for you that want to escape the basics in the work look, but without losing the seriousness and elegance. As main stars, we use these midi sexy bodycon dresses that we find in Selaros online store.

Our compositions today are the definitive proof that you can work wearing something sexy and yet behaved. Doubt? So just watch these office looks!

Look to work - Stripes and Chess:

It is in the past the time, in which stripes and chess "did not match". Fashion is much more democratic nowadays. So why not mix these patterns that are from the same family? Take care only for the prints to match, whether in color or style. Enhance the serious look with a beautiful red purse. They save any look, so they can not miss in your closet.

Copy the Look: Dress, Bag, Earring, Shoe.
Fold-Over Collar Vertical Striped Bodycon Dress

Look for Work - Animal Print

Speaking of innovating in the office look... Can you use animal print at work? Of course you can, people! Here we always give a way to dress what we love. If your work clothes need to be serious, let the animal print for the details! Invest in a leopard print shoe and match it with a yellow ocher bag. The result is incredible, even in the most basic look.

Copy the Look: Dress, Bag, Earring, Shoe.
Formal Lapel Belt Solid-Color Bodycon Dress

Liked our tips today? If prefer to work with blouses (cute tops) and pants, or blouse and skirt, you can follow the same tips!

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